Aluminum Railing

Plastio composite provides aluminum rails for decks and balconies. We offer a variety of colors and styles that are durable and maintenance free. All the installations are done in accordance with the Quebec building code and regulations.

Aluminum & Glass Railing

Plastio composite provides a number of railing options for decking, porch, residential and commercial balconies.

Aluminum Deck Railing

Plastio composite offers aluminum deck railing in a number of styles and colors. We carry only locally-manufactured aluminum railing systems as well as professional installation and service.

Aluminum Balcony Railing

Aluminum is a smart choice when it comes to choosing a railing. It is practical, stylish, very durable and safe. Aluminum railing requires little to no maintenance and can last for years or even decades.

Our Aluminum Railing Models:

Aluminum Handrails:

All the handrails models that we offer adapt easily to aluminum panels, spindles, posts. Pick your style for a modern aspect or for a more classic or traditional one.

Handrail 1½" x 1½"

Handrail 1½" x 2½"

Handrail 1½" x 3"

Colonial 2¼" x 2"

Aluminum Railing Models are Available in the following colors:








Aluminum Posts Models :

We offer various types of aluminum posts models that you can choose according to their size or color for a unique style! Contact us for personalized advice.

Post 2''

Post 3''

4'' United

4'' Fluted

6'' Modern

6'' Fluted

8'' Fluted

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