About Plastio


About Plastio Composite Decks Montreal

Plastio has been in the Montreal composite deck business in Montreal for 8 years. We sell and install composite decks, patios, and accessories. Our team of experienced Montreal composite decks experts is passionate about delivering the best possible value for your patio needs. We’re proud to be one of Montreal’s leading composite (PVC) contractor, and our top-rated services are designed to work around your busy schedule and your specific needs.  We’ll walk you through the entire process, from design to installation. Our experienced contractors will create the Montreal deck of your dreams.

 Composite Decks Montreal – Design

At Plastio, we understand the importance of having a deck design that perfectly complements your living space.  We’ll help you choose your deck dimensions, your decking and railing materials, and the colours required to construct the perfect living space.  Our designs are guaranteed to work for your home. Whether you want a multi-level deck, a patio that works with a swimming pool or hot tub, or a Horizontal decking with complementary railing, we are the people for the job. 

Composite Decks Montreal

Composite Decks Montreal


From start to finish, Plastio knows how to get the job done quickly and efficiently.  Our experienced builders will put together a plan of action for assembling your new patio. Even if you’re seeking a unique or customized deck design, we can ensure the installation process of your new composite deck is stress-free and works with your schedule.  We highly recommend our trained professional crew to install your new deck. We’ll have your deck installed in no time, so you can quickly start enjoying your new outdoor living space. Composite decks Montreal

The Advantages of Plastio Composite Decks-Montreal


Plastio Decking is 100% weather-proof, and won’t be affected or damaged by rain, sun, cold or mold.

Composite Decks Montreal


Composite decking is made from recycled materials and helps reduce plastic waste and save trees

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning your Plastio Deck is a breeze, just hose it with some water for a brand new look

Easy Installation

Plastio decks and accessories are very easy to install using only standard power tools.

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Have a look at the designs we’ve produced in the past, and you’ll find yourself inspired to make the most of your Montreal Composite Decks

You deserve a safe patio where you can relax with friends and family, read a good book in the sun, or entertain people with your barbecuing skills. Plastio Composite decking guarantees you will have a Montreal deck that looks like it’s made from traditional wood – without all that extra upkeep.

Spend less time taking care of your deck, and more time enjoying it.

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